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U.S. Chamber Discusses Education Reform

By Rob Engstrom, Senior Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Let's be honest with ourselves, education reform can seem a little 'wonkish'at times. And one of the toughest challenges is engaging the general public to take action and get involved. News stories riddled with policy jargon about teacher tenure, school choice, school governance, and student tracking aren't necessarily 'above the fold' headlines. But, it seems Hollywood has a way of waving its star-studded wand and making these issues a little more intriguing, stirring emotions that policy-laced news stories can rarely accomplish.

On September 28, the film Won't Back Down, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, will be released in theaters in nearly every major metropolitan region. Won't Back Down is a fictional story based on actual events about a single mother who is desperately trying to create change in her daughter's chronically failing public school. While the movie has all the star power you would expect of a major motion picture, it also brings to light the grim issues students and parents face every day in schools all across the country.

It has been said time and again that our education system is "a system that works for the system"; it's time that the system starts working for our kids. This October, the Institute for a Competitive Workforce will launch the Breaking the Monopoly of Mediocrity tour, a cross-country expedition to discuss education reform and inspire local leaders to become catalysts for change.

Each stop on the tour will include a screening of the film Won't Back Down,and an interactive forum of local community, business, and education leaders. Through each conversation, we hope to tackle the critical issues that affect all of us-either as parents, taxpayers, or employers. We can no longer stand by as our future workforce suffers from mediocrity.

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Chamber Notepad: Education is key to our future

By Paul Hooper

Editor’s note: This is a continuation of Paul Hooper’s column on the importance of education in our society today.

I have talked before about the need for more innovation in higher education, creating more learning paths to get people degrees and certificates. That is now starting to happen, thanks to some forward thinking institutions and the internet. We are at the beginning of the revolution now, but these are programs that could fundamentally change higher education for the better. Please read on for some of what is on the horizon in education.

Last year, when Gov. Rick Perry challenged educators to develop a $10,000 college degree, it sounded like a gimmick. Then Texas A&M-San Antonio unveiled such a plan, built largely around dual-credit classes at a local community college.

But why stop at 10 grand? And why limit a low-priced education to lesser-known schools?

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